About the Project

The Red River Valley Water Supply Project (RRVWSP) will provide an emergency water supply to central and eastern North Dakota during times of water scarcity so as to protect public health, ensure ongoing economic vitality, and provide for environmental benefits in the river systems.

Watch this short video to learn more about the RRVWSP.

Red River Valley Water Supply Project GUIDING PRINCIPLES
  • Access to Success: Develop a project that creates the greatest opportunity for cities and rural water systems to participate, creating the greatest economic benefit to the communities, region and state.

  • Fair and Equitable Share:  Strive for affordable and reasonable cost-share for participating cities and rural water systems through continued use of funding opportunities and creative financing.

  • Prudent Investment:  Wisely use state and local dollars to maximize infrastructure investment in the appropriate timeframe. 

  • Smart Asset Management:  Optimize use of past investments and strategically locate new infrastructure with a goal of ensuring the project's assets have long term viability.

  • Landowner Respect: Construct the pipeline and associated infrastructure with care and respect for the land, it's owners, and renters. Effectively restore and reclaim the land in an effective manner in a reasonable timeframe.

  • Reliable Water Service:  Operate and maintain a supplemental water supply system that delivers Missouri River water – the most reliable water supply – to its users in an affordable and efficient manner.