There are currently three options for the Red River Valley Water Supply Project (RRVWSP) intake, the McClusky Canal, the Bank Filtration/Horizontal Collector Well on the Missouri River, and a Conventional Intake on the Missouri River.
The McClusky Canal is the least expensive option. The McClusky Canal requires a water supply contract with the Bureau of Reclamation (BOR), and BOR is currently unwilling to provide any water supply to serve the Red River Valley. The Bank Filtration/Horizontal Collector Well intake option is the most expensive option, and it also requires a potential North Dakota Department of Health interface. However, no federal permits are required with this option. Although each intake option has its own benefits, the Conventional Intake on the Missouri River is currently the most beneficial option, as this route is already known to be effective. The Missouri River already has conventional intakes that are working efficiently, so this would not be a new design. This is also a cost-effective option.