Water Treatment

There are currently three possible options for the water treatment plan for the Red River Valley Water Supply Project (RRVWSP), including water to water transfer, a practical treatment, and an extensive treatment. The water treatment depends on the type of intake that is chosen, so all three options are still being considered.
The water to water transfer requires a water quality certification, but no permit or treatment is required if there is no impact to the receiving bodies of water. This option has an approximate cost of $23 million with the sand and silt removal from sedimentation. The practical treatment option is another option being studied that comes with an approximate cost of $54 million due to the clarification, chlorination and dichlorination of the water. The third option being considered is the extensive treatment. This option is costly as it requires clarification, filtration, UV disinfection, chlorination and dechlorination. The extensive treatment cost is approximately $233 million. As mentioned, the water treatment depends on the intake that is chosen, as certain intakes require a specific water treatment.