RRVWSP Receives State Concrete Award for Intake Structure

Posted: Mar 30 2023
The Missouri River Water Intake Structure, an important component of the Red River Valley Water Supply Project (RRVWSP), received a 2023 State Concrete Award in Innovation. Representatives of Garrison Diversion Conservancy District (Garrison Diversion), and Strata Corporation, the concrete supplier for the Intake, accepted the award during the State Concrete Awards Banquet in Bismarck on January 12.
“The Red River Valley Water Supply Project is an innovative solution for mitigating the effects of moderate and extreme drought for about half of North Dakota’s population,” says Kip Kovar, Deputy Program Manager for RRVWSP Engineering and Garrison Diversion Engineer. “I am very pleased the Missouri River Water Intake Structure was selected by a panel of judges in the industry as an innovative concrete project.”
The intake structure will draw water from the Missouri River near Washburn, North Dakota, before treating it and pumping it through buried pipelines to serve communities and rural water systems in central and eastern North Dakota.
The second phase of construction on the Missouri River Water Intake Structure began in the fall of 2021 and is still underway. Nearly 2,000 cubic yards of concrete will be poured for that second phase of the project.